PACK EN SCENE will have a complete and technical print shop allowing to offer services to sector industrials. An ethics code, established by the professional, will determine and supervise the production and pricing conditions of these services.

Recruitment help. Industrials are unrecognized, not attractive and suffer from a poor image. Companies have difficulties to recruit technically competent people. Pack en Scène offers to develop recruiting sessions and to take care about people so they can discover and train themselves on packaging and labels jobs.

Bêta test. That is to test behaviour and feasibility of new jobs in real production conditions with machines, materials, substrates... contraints.

Subcontracting. Sector industrials will be able to run small productions. This service’s objective is to participate to the financial balance of the training and research center. This is not a new competitor on the market but the possibility for printers to realize themselves small productions they are not able to produce in their own printshops because of a lack of machine availability.

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