Pack en Scène is the industry answer to the needs in technical training of the packaging and labels professional printers. Unique in France and in Europe, this professional training tool helps the development of the industry professionals’ skills.

Whatever you are a printer, a commercial, a marketing manager, a student or look for a job, there is an adapted formula for you !




2017 - 2018

During our builiding construction in Le MANS (2017 and 2018), Pack en Scène will drive its training sessions on machines in your company, directly in the printers and converters print shops.

Adults training



Practical training sessions: based on 35-hour modules that allow to follow Teaching Units on differents process (cf Flexible packages, Labels and Boxes). Such training can lead to validate the "Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle" (CQP - Professionnal Qualification Certificate).





And then ?

Once Pack en Scène will be able to open its own print-shop, it will be possible to organise numerous different training sessions. Here is an overview.


Study contract

Following professionnal bachelor degree, Pack en Scène has to offer specific training on gravure, flexographic and cardboard converting processes. These training sessions complement the existing offset training offer.

To better understand this formula, watch this (in French).




Professional mobility

The sector wants to conduct professional mobility by making easier the job changing (retraining), the training and the integration of people in companies that are on stable markets.

To better understand this formula, watch this (in French).



Other training

Theoretical training: Pack en Scène has to train on the fundamental knowledge the employees (colorimetry, substrates, regulations, technical vocabulary…) to reinforce their personal knowledge.

Prepress training: Such sessions aren’t in competition with the existing IT training sessions. These programs are here to introduce and follow all the print job production steps.

Transverse training: To answer the markets requirements (services supply diversification, workflow optimisation, habits’ change in the workshop…) the sector companies have to enlarge the knowledge and skills of their employees.

Young students groups

Because Pack en Scène is the national training center, because it has a unique and complete print shop on all printing processes, it thus has to make young students (bachelor degree, master 1, Engineer…) discover all those processes used to print packaging and labels. This discovery week will present them the machines diversity but will also promote the packaging and labels printing sector.


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